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Tradition runs deep here at Kishel’s. Having grown up in a house of outdoorsmen, taught the art of trapping at a young age and having it evolve into a life-long passion and career, Kishel’s was born from a deep love and respect for Nature. Our beginnings trace back more than 40 years to the Montana ranges of the United States. With a need for reliable scents and animal attractants, Kishel’s grew and now reaches around the world from the mountains of Nepal, north to the Arctic Circle and south into the jungles of Africa. Learning from Nature, the animals themselves, Native cultures and validated through scientific research, Kishel’s is known for superior performance and results. Nature, it’s in our blood, it’s what we do and what we give to those that will follow in our footsteps for generations to come.


First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for using our products and helping Kishel’s become one of the most respected scent manufacturers in the industry. We are committed to you by providing revolutionary products that not only work but are considered the Most Advanced and Effective on the market today. Innovation is and always will be, our number one ingredient. Be assured that when you make a purchase from Kishel’s, you are not only buying a Results-Proven, Quality Product, you are buying a piece of Kishel’s 40-year history. I won’t develop or sell a product that I have not personally used and tested myself in the field, on a trap line or in the water. Kishel’s specializes in advanced formulated scent stimulants for use by Hunters, Trappers, Photographers, Animal Research Scientists, Dog Trainers, Animal Damage Control Agents, Fishermen and many others. I look forward to having you become a part of Kishel’s history.


At Kishel’s, quality with respect for Nature is our way of life. With over 40 years of field research and development, our products have stood the test of time and have been used by generations of outdoorsmen and women. We have a proven track record for consistent performance because our products work based on the science of animal biology, no gimmicks. We believe that when you make a purchase from Kishel’s, you will not only be completely satisfied, you will also have greater success in your hunting, trapping or fishing experiences. Kishel’s… Only the best ingredients that Nature has to offer.

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kishels customer testimonials


“I gave your lures a shot and with the results i had, Im convinced your one of the best in the industry”


Kishel's Scents User

Your Scents Work

“Boy do your scents work. I’ll never will use another brand or product other than Kishel’s.”

Paul T.

Kishel's Scents User

Best in the Industry

“Kishel’s is the best in the industry!”

Dave S.

Kishel's Scents User


“Dear Kishel’s

I’m writing you to tell you how much confidence I have in your Doe Passion lure. It got me a nice 6pt buck this season”

Dennis L.

Kishel's Scents User

I’m a Fan!

“I’m a real fan of your Beaver Soft call lure”

William E.

Kishel's Scents User
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