Mock Scrape Kit


Years of research have gone into developing a complete Mock Scrape Kit with true odor gland scent communicators.

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How it works:
Uses Pre-Orbital, Tarsal, and Interdigital Glands
Through a specialized process we were able to capture the true essence needed to fool even the smartest of whitetail bucks.
Our true odor gland scent communicators have unlimited shelf life and a low evaporation rate so they will be working from your mock scrape 24 hours a day.

See video below for instructions.

3 reviews for Mock Scrape Kit

  1. admin

    “Used your Mock Scrape Kit and Buck Thrasher II and the area turned into a primary scrape where my trail-cam photographed 6 different bucks in a 2 wk period. This wasn’t the mid-west, this was rural Clarion Co., PA. Great products, recommended to all my friends.”

    ~ David Lauer
    Eden, NY

  2. admin

    “I have and been hunting for 20 years and have never had a hunting season like last year. I have used your competitors products- but I have never seen deer react like I did when I used your products. The MOCK SCRAPE KIT was easy to understand and I had several buck checking it out. I used the doe urine every time I walked in and out of the woods. When I felt like the rut was in- I started using the DOE IN ESTRUS URINE the same way. Doe and buck came by my stand just to see what all the action was about. I did not get a shot at the big 8 point that came by – he was too busy chasing two doe and did not offer me a good shot. It was exciting just to watch him chase those doe. I am looking forward to using your products for years to come …. thanks again…”

    ~ Tim Whitman
    Kirkwood, NY

  3. Clede Spooner

    Awesome product, great attraction value for scrapes all year.

    Clede Spooner
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