Woodchuck Lure


If you have a woodchuck or groundhog problem this is the answer.

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ADC Line Approved.

Nothing is more effective in taking woodchucks/groundhogs than this lure!Tailor-made and designed specifically for Nuisance Control Work – this lure makes it look so easy!

A loud, greasy, flowery smell gets woodchucks / ground hogs attention anywhere, at any time.

Seven years in development makes us confident you will appreciate this lure”s effectiveness.


Simply place a wad of grass in back of the cage and lure.
No mess, No waste.

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1 oz., 4 oz.

2 reviews for Woodchuck Lure

  1. admin

    As a NWCO/ADC guy I discovered your woodchuck curiosity lure to be a needed item on my truck for hammering out woodchuck jobs. and I started using it last spring and my catch rate went through the roof with it- now I can’t seem to buy a catch with out it. I have tried other companies blends and lures but none compare to yours.

    ~Nick Pallo
    Nick’s Wildlife Services, Palmyra, NY

  2. admin

    Just writing to let you know that the woodchuck lure you guy’s are selling works like a charm. It only takes a few blades of grass dipped in that stuff and dropped around and within 24 hours it will get the woodchucks up and out of there holes for days.

    ~Greg Lyon
    New Milford, CT

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