At Kishel’s we take great pride in surrounding ourselves with some of the most dedicated and informed individuals in the industry. They are the very people we consider experts in their fields and true “dyed in the Wool” outdoorsman.

Please take the time to get to know our pro staffers and feel free to directly ask them any questions you may have. You can reach out to our pro staffers on our Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents and Lures Facebook page.

Carolyn Sanazaro

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My name is Carolyn Sanazaro. I was born & raised in rural Missouri. I live on a farm on the meremac river with my husband Dan, and we have 2 grown children, Lane & Lacey.

I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom. We have passed our passion of the outdoors on to our children. Being a stay at home Mom presents many challenges, and I soon found my best therapy was just to climb a tree with my bow, rifle, or just a camera.

I come from a long line of hunters. My grandparents, parents, & siblings (of which, I have a twin sister) all share the same love of the outdoors. My husband and I opened an archery pro shop in 2008. In 2013 we began the development of the SCUD “in flight scent dispenser” which hit the market in 2014.

Some of my favorite travel destinations have taken us to Kansas, & Old Mexico bow hunting whitetail, wild hogs, coyotes, and javelina. I look forward to adding some different species to my hunting list. The traveling & relationships made along the way, have only enhanced my love of the sport & I hope to inspire more women to enjoy it as much as I do.

Craig Koepke

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Craig Koepke has been fishing the southern end of lake michigan for 30 years. He started trolling the lake with family and friends and started being a first mate in the summer of 1989. During his college years he was up and down the local tributaries any chance that he got. This led into being one of the first creek guides in the area. He bought his first lake boat in 1997, a 19 ‘ Bayliner. He fished thus boat from St. Joe Michigan to chicago, IL. In 2009 he received his 6 pack Captains license and ran charters thru 2014, he now is the president of the Hoosier Coho club and fishes around 14 tournaments a year. Craig is a very avid deer hunter, both using a bow and a muzzleloader. He normally hunts 60 days a season.

Lucas Falkner

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I have been lucky enough to be a Rochester firefighter since 2000 and an outdoorsman for 24 years now. I started as a young boy and I can remember going duck hunting, fishing, and even watching my dad deer hunt, which really started my passion and respect for the outdoors. My entire family has taught me different types of outdoor sports throughout the years from trolling for monster salmon to taking almost every type of small and big game available. I am always trying new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

I have taken all that I have learned and turned that into a business, as well as a passion. In 2009, I started Make the Turn Charters ( which is a trophy trout and salmon business on Lake Ontario. This success turned into a sport fishing team which has won numerous prizes throughout the years. I was fortunate enough to perfect my hunting of whitetails, taking a NYS record buck in 2011.

I am thankful to start teaching my kids Aiden (5) and Olivia(3), how to fish and hunt and I am always looking to help a fellow sportsman out.

Jack Coad

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Jack Coad has been an avid bow hunter since 1992. Jack has been hunting since he was 14 years old, but never considered himself a true hunter until he picked up his first bow. Jack has recently retired after 27 years as a Federal Agent and is currently working with Elite Archery as the Director of Promotions. He enjoys the outdoors and uses any reason he can to get back to nature. Jack has taken numerous whitetail deer, black bear, predators and wild turkeys with archery equipment and is looking forward to his first elk with the bow. This type of hunting means that Jack has to get close to his prey. He is constantly utilizing the wind to his advantage; paying close attention to the terrain, wind currents and thermals. As an archery hunter, Jack has learned that in order to be a successful archer that he must practice total scent elimination.

This includes not only being as clean and scent free as he can, but also keeping all of his hunting equipment clean and scent free. Jack is constantly practicing proper scent control before, during and after the hunt. Jack is a Hunter Safety and Bow Certification Instructor for the state of New York. He specializes in introducing children and women to the outdoors. Jack has been an active instructor for numerous NWTF “Jake Days” and “Women–In-The–Outdoors” events in the Western NY and Canadian areas. Jack has five children. He is looking forward to introducing his grandchildren to the outdoor world as soon as their parents will allow. Jack is extremely thankful for his family and their sometimes reluctant patience with his passion. He knows that the most important thing in life is family. He could not have done it without them and credits his family with the success in his life endeavors.

  • New York State Hunter Safety Instructor/New York State Archery Hunting Instructor. Firearms and archery instructor.
  • Hunting Expert pro-staffing with national prominent hunting companies and manufacturers
  • Seminar Speaker presenting numerous seminars on big game hunting. Participant and judge in regional NWTF Turkey Calling Contests.
  • Specializing in introducing youth, women and first time enthusiasts to the wonderful tradition of hunting.
  • Big and small game archery hunter. Hunting whitetail, black bear, elk, moose, hogs and turkey.
  • SCI and NAHC Member
  • IBO member and tournament competitor.
  • Father of five kids and grandfather to eight grandchildren – the next generation lives on!
  • Retired from Law Enforcement

Todd Imiola

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Todd brings in a wealth of experience and knowledge of the outdoors. Having spent the last 24 years in the woods and field, Todd knows firsthand that a quality scent can make the difference between success and failure. Growing up in Western, New York and still residing there, he hunts turkey, deer, small game and waterfowl annually near his home. His passion for the sport has led him to hunt numerous states (13 to be exact) around the country and parts of Canada with bow in hand with good success.

Todd also serves as pro staff for Primos Hunting Calls, Elite Archery, Spot-Hogg Sights, Tight Spot Quivers, Antler King and Easton Arrows just to name a few. He also scores deer for The Northeast Big Buck Club, and writes numerous other hunting articles as a freelance writer. He can be seen conducting various seminars and in store events all through the area and even national. In addition he has taken numerous Pope and Young animals and a couple Booners to his credit. If it’s hunting season you can be assured he’ll be perched in a tree somewhere.

Todd is Prostaffing for the following:

  • Primos Hunting
  • Tight Spot Quivers
  • Bushnell
  • Scott Archery
  • Kishel’s Scents and Lures
  • Spot-Hogg Archery
  • Scentblocker
  • Scent Crusher
  • Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings
  • Manzella Gloves
  • QAD-Quality Archery Designs
  • Badlands Packs
  • Advanced Treestands
  • Pine Ridge Archery Shooting Staff

Jim Stechenfinger

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I was born and raised in Western New York and have been Hunting and Fishing for 30 plus years. I have had my own Hunting retail business because of my love of the sport and have met and spent time with some of the biggest names in the hunting industry. My favorite time of the year is bow hunting the rut. There is nothing I would rather do than spend time in the Outdoors weather its chasing Trophy Bucks, Turkeys or Fishing the Great Lakes. I have taken several nice whitetails as well as a 350 pound Black bear right here in Chautauqua county. The Whitetail is most sought after game animal in North America and has always intrigued me because of its elusive behavior.

I am dedicated to helping our youth especially my beautiful daughters experience the same addiction I was lucky enough to share with my Dad. My youngest is absolutely amazing and can’t spend enough time with me enjoying every aspect of the great Outdoors. The greatest feeling is when she catches a monster Bass and holds that baby up for another pic in her own album.

We are truly Blessed to have the greatest Hunting/Fisheries in the country. I have used Kishel’s products for years and have had outstanding results. Quality scents and scent elimination is a key role to your success and Kishel’s is your one stop shop with proven results. With the vision of Kevin Kishel I believe the best is yet to come.

I am honored and proud to be affiliated with such an Amazing company like Kishel’s.

Jeremy Bedette

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My name is Jeremy Bedette, I was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Region of Western NY. I got a late start to hunting. I didn’t shoot my first bow until 2006. However, I have dove in head first and continue to push myself to learn everything I can. I hunt whitetails with a bow and shotgun as often as I can get out. I also enjoy pursuing waterfowl and this year trained my first duck dog. I also fish and enjoy small game hunting.

Hunting isn’t just about taking game, its about the experience, the time afield with friends as well as the quiet alone time. I enjoy planting plots and managing property. I enjoy using trail cams to pattern deer. I enjoy the thrill of trying to slip in undetected. The challenge of using the right calls, the right scents, picking the right stand for the right wind.

In the off season I spend time shoot the bow in shoots and with friends. I also enjoy teaching my daughter the way of the outdoor and teaching her to shoot her bow and .22.

Another huge hobby of mine is video and photography (specifically wildlife and outdoors). I enjoy capturing the moments that last a lifetime.

I look forward to learning all I can and introducing others to the great outdoors.

Don Moore

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G2 Wildlife Consulting President, Don Moore, is a consulting wildlife manager and deer steward. Growing up in Southwestern Pennsylvania, at an early age he developed a passion bordering on obsession for spending time outdoors and chasing whitetails. Don developed a respect for wildlife and the need for sound wildlife management principles. Along with being a member of his local hunting club and organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Quality Deer Management Association where he earned his Deer Steward Certification, he also attended Penn Foster College where he studied Wildlife/Forestry Conservation.

Don has studied under the nation’s top deer researchers, managers and wildlife biologists. These individuals have helped fine tune Don into the deer steward he is today. Don regularly attends seminars and demonstrations on all aspects of white-tailed deer biology and management learning all the newest trends. In addition to studying deer, he also works on projects managing wild turkey and their habitat as well.

Don has decided to take what he has learned and apply it in his home state of Pennsylvania. He will be starting up his wildlife consulting business within the next year. Ironically, the quality deer management movement is just now starting to spread across a few of the northern states. Don is bringing his knowledge and experience to help with the demand from private landowners and hunting clubs who want to transform their hunting grounds into a hunting paradise improving quality deer herds, quality habitats, and quality hunting experiences. Don is hoping to answer this demand and bring a new dynamic to help the average sportsman who does not own hundreds of acres of property.

Andrea Galenda

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I have been an avid outdoorsman with an appreciation for the outdoors since I was a kid. I have been hunting ever since I can remember. Growing up in the southern tier of Western New York has given me a love and desire for hunting whitetail deer. For many years now I have enjoyed managing the whitetails on my property with QDM and food plots. I also have hunted in a number of other states and Canada in which I have harvested various species. Through my travels and many years of hunting experience I have had the chance to harvest many record book animals with both a gun and bow.

After attending the Missouri Institute of Taxidermy I started my own Taxidermy business and later became the owner of Royal Trophy Outfitters of New Mexico, LLC in which I offer hunts in four different states. Both businesses have afforded me great opportunities for hunting, traveling and meeting many diverse people. Due to the success of the Outfitting business I have been fortunate enough to have been featured on a number of hunting television shows.

With the support of my wife of ten years who understands and accepts my busy and sometimes unpredictable out of town schedule I am lucky enough to be doing everything that I love doing. I have already begun introducing my three year old daughter, Lillian, to the joy of the outdoors. This has already given us a strong relationship and I anticipate doing the same with our next child. I believe that it is important to introduce kids to the outdoors and get them involved at an early age.

Van Simmons

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My name is Van Simmons. I have been happily married to my wife for 15 years. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters whom, I love to take hunting with me.

I have lived in Tennessee most of my life so I grew up around a lot of outdoorsmen. I went hunting as a kid but didn’t get passionate about hunting until the first Christmas with my wife. She bought me my first bow, one that had not been borrowed or handed down. Since then I wake up thinking about hunting and go to bed thinking about hunting.

I feel it is a gift from God that allows us to enjoy the great outdoors and his magnificent creation. His blessings are poured out into my life as I am privileged to travel across North America and Canada to pursue some of my dreams and passions. I am also on the Mothwing Camoflauge Prostaff which allows me to meet a lot of individuals with the same passion for hunting that I have. I do believe and practice trophy management. Through this I have been blessed to have harvested numerous Pope and Young animals. However, it’s not just the size of the rack or number of points, but also, the hunt and who you were with and how you were able to influence their lives, and they yours.

This passion has sparked other hobbies as well. I started doing taxidermy work a few years ago. So I get to spend a lot of time in the off season looking at trophies that others have been blessed to have harvested.

Best Regard,
Van Simmons

Eric York

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From Eric York – I started hunting and trapping while growing up on a small farm in western Massachusetts. I received a B.S. in Wildlife Management from the University of Maine and a M.S. in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Massachusetts. While at college I began trapping for research studies and since then I have captured and studied a wide variety of species from around the world. Most of my work involves capture of small carnivores for radio-telemetry studies. Here in the States I have studied fishers, martens, coyotes, and lynx in the Northeast and coyotes, bobcats, gray foxes and badgers in the Southwest, where I am currently working. Recently I have been fortunate enough to travel to different countries to capture different carnivores for biological studies. I have been to Nepal to catch fishing cats and civets and to 3 regions of Chile to catch South American foxes and small wildcats. Overall my work has allowed me to capture 20 species of carnivores on 3 continents. Though I do not get a chance to trap recreationally much, I still enjoy trapping to harvest fur when I can. When I’m not working and traveling I enjoy hunting in whatever areas I’m working in or back on the farm in Massachusetts.

This message was received from Eric York on 6/15/03:

“Hi Kevin… Just thought I would drop you a line to say hi and give you an update. I’m still in southern California looking for mountain lions. Unfortunately, I spend a lot more time looking than catching. We still have only two lions collared in the Santa Monica Mountains, and after covering the area pretty well over the last year, I think these may be the only 2 left in the mountains. I have just moved my trap line north of the 101 freeway for the first time and have found sign of a female lion there. I’m putting all my effort into catching her now. But with the large area she covers it may be a while before she gets back to my traps. This July / August I will be heading to the Grand Canyon to catch mountain lions on the South Rim. Hopefully there will be more cats to be had there than here. After that I will head back to California hopefully find more cats somewhere. Read the article about our project to Link Lands for Cougars in CA.

FYI – Here is a quick list of the species I’ve caught for research using Kishel’s Scents & Lures:

  • USA:
    • Coyotes, red fox, gray fox, bobcat, lynx, fisher, marten, badger, striped skunk, spotted skunk, raccoons, deer, blacktail & sheep.
  • Chile:
    • Culpeo fox, South American gray fox, Darwin’s fox, guigna & hognosed skunk.
  • Nepal:
    • Fishing cat, small Indian civet, palm civet & Indian mongoose.
  • Pakistan:
    • Snow Leopards

More from Eric York

2002 – I’m still in Southern California. I have started working on catching mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains. The big cats are in the same areas as the coyote/bobcat work I have done here. As with the smaller species they are having to adapt to the freeways, houses and people here. It is really interesting seeing where they go. The few we have radio-collared travel in and around the houses and roads without a problem, often hanging around unseen right outside of the estates in Malibu. It exciting to catch a lion, we are using foot snares, its a little trickier drugging a 140 pound (and very angry) cat than it is a 30 pound bobcat or lynx.

2003 – Hi Kevin, Just wanted to send a few photos of our latest California lion. Caught him last week just in time to head to the Grand Canyon this week to start work. He’s a small (85 pounds), young male, that already has traveled a long way from where we caught him. It will be interesting to track his movements in and around the urban areas where he lives. Will send more photos from the grand canyon.

2004 – Kevin, I’m still busy out west working with mountain lion, both in Arizona and in southern California. I’m slowly getting sample sizes up to where we are finding out some interesting things. In southern California we are learning how the large cats are surviving in and amongst all the people that live and recreate there. All with rarely be seen or detected. They really can be elusive even in a very developed landscape. I’m sure they see and hear people and pets every day and the still just eat deer. The lions in our study don’t bother the people at all, unlike some other cats not to far from our study area.

In Arizona we are learning how they use the rim of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas. We seeing a lot of movement of young cats (as expected). One younger male traveled about 70 miles south to the Flagstaff area and took up residency there. There are plenty of deer and elk to prey on throughout the area. These two studies keep me pretty busy but I had some time to hunt a bit this year and made it back to Alaska to get a caribou and got some time to shoot a nice 2 x 3 blacktail in southern California. I have attached some photos of them.

Hope you are well, and trapping and hunting seasons have been good to you.

~ Eric

2005 California Blacktail

This Blacktail was shot at about 8000 feet in the southern Sierras. Not a bad deer for that area. After packing him out 2 miles and down 2000 feet I was glad he was not any bigger.

Hope your fall is going well also

~ Eric

2006 – I did shoot a small fork-horn in California

This has been a busy year. Lots of mountain lion work both in California and in Arizona. I moved to Arizona and now am based at the Grand Canyon to head the mountain lion study there. I’m also involved in a bighorn sheep study along the Colorado River in the Canyon.

This fall I also got to do some coyote trapping for research in southern California. As with some other states footholds have been banned there but I was able to use snares for capture work. I still used my favorite Kishel’s lures to draw the coyotes through fence lines, and down trails where I had snares hung. Coy Dog II and Triple Dig-it were very effective at bring coyotes off of roads and into the snares.

My biggest adventure this year came with a trip to Pakistan to catch and collar snow leopards for the International Snow Leopard Trust. I spent 6 weeks in Northwest Pakistan (Chitral Gol National Park) setting snares to radio-collar snow leopards to learn movements and biology of these big cats. The work was at the western end of the Himalayas, just south of the Hindu Kush Range, we worked at 6500-10,000 feet but the mountains ranged up to 21,000 feet there. Very steep country. Lots of snow this time of year. It was a great place to work.

Corey Wiktor

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I have been very fortunate and very blessed to have a Father who has taken me out hunting since I was literally able to walk! Without question, my restlessness cost my Dad more than a few deer in my younger years, but never once did it bother him nor detour him from taking me every time he went afield! He showed me the Great Outdoors and all of God’s amazing creations, and introduced me to my deepest “love” and passion in the outdoors, the Whitetail Deer!

No other animal gets my adrenaline and blood flowing like the Whitetail Deer! I have been lucky enough to hunt deer in famed Pike and also Adams County Illinois, to the steep hardwoods of Pennsylvania and to the majestic Texas Hill Country. My love and passion for shed hunting has taken me to states of Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas and to the great Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, all of these hunts and travels have all been deeply cherished….however, what still ranks as the “top” area for me to study, scout and chase Whitetails, is right here in my home state of New York! There is nothing like hunting deer with close friends and family and sharing the times and experiences with them! Having harvested several Pope and Young Deer and a few net Boone & Crockett Deer, has certainly been highlights of my hunting “career” thus far, but now what means more to me than a rack or score, are the times spent together afield, no matter if its July or November.

Working in Cattaraugus County provides me the great opportunity to be in and around my favorite haunts, literally year round. Scouting and planning are what we do 365 days a year when it comes to deer and deer hunting. As my saying goes “Whitetail season is year round for us, the only thing that changes are when we can hunt them”. Whether its snowshoeing in the winter months to assess how the local herd is doing, to the countless miles and hours of shed hunting, food plot work, tree stand placement/movement, setting up trail camera’s, freshening up our Kishel’s mock scrapes, long distance summer “glassing”, studying aerial maps, etc. it never stops for us with trying to figure out that big, majestic buck. Whether we are on our own land or the many leases we have, the thirst for Whitetail knowledge never ends, and sharing these experiences with my Dad and good friends is the icing on the cake!

Having used Kishel’s products for 15+ years, I can attest that Kevin’s products have certainly led to many tags being filled, many high fives and more importantly, many cherished memories afield. As Kevin states “Get to know your lure maker” and without question he has always been there to answer a question, offer some tips and tactics and to always listen to his customer to continue to refine and improve the best hunting products out on the market. How do you beat that?!?!

I am a strong believer in giving back to the Community. When not at work or afield, I am active in the Red Cross (Southwestern Chapter), United Way of Cattaraugus County, the Greater Olean YMCA, Cattaraugus Community Action and CaRe’s Inc. I am also an active volunteer for the Great Rochester Southern Tier QDMA and also a member of the Lackawanna Conservation Club, an organization that my Grandfather help founded in 1951! I also volunteer to at Tift Nature Preserve in Buffalo, New York.

Without the support of my lovely wife Christine, who understands and accepts my time and dedication to deer and deer hunting, none of this would mean as much. She is always there to help move camera’s, freshen scrapes up, is always up for a walk in the timber, and shows a genuine interest in what some consider a hobby, while I consider it a way of life. God willingly, one day I will be able to introduce the Great Outdoors to our children and give back what my Dad instilled in me at a very young age.

It is with great honor and pleasure to be part of the Kishel’s team!

Husband & Wife Hunting & Fishing Team

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Kim and Jim Skoczylas are from Sheldon, New York where they enjoy the outdoors together. Jim began hunting and fishing as a child in the woods and on the waters of Western New York, with his grandfather and father. When Jim met Kim in April of 2004, Jim wanted to share his passion for the outdoors with her. Over the past ten years Jim has taught Kim how to enjoy the outdoors, by teaching her to hunt, fish and snowmobile. Kim has since become as passionate about the outdoors as Jim.

Kim and Jim were married on the shores of Lake Erie’s Eastern Basin in September 2009 overlooking their favorite walleye fishing grounds. In 2011 Jim decided to take his enthusiasm for fishing to the next level and obtained his Charter Captains License. Since then, Jim and his first mate Kim, spend their summers chartering on the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie aboard their 27’ Baha Cruiser, running Ultimate Adventure Sport fishing. While out running charters, they enjoy teaching their clients about the game changing products to successfully catch Walleye and Perch. Ultimate Adventure Sportfishing donates many volunteer hours to several local charities.

Jim and Kim led their tournament team to victory at the 2012 Amaracan Walleye Classic Championship out of Dunkirk Harbor with a record breaking weight of 80.30lbs for 10 fish. They also led their tournament team to victory at the 2013 Sunset Bay Shoot Out for the heaviest Walleye division, with fish weighing at 10.93lbs.

When the leaves start to change they trade in their fishing rods for hunting equipment, where they enjoy pursuing small and big game alike with their family and friends. On and off the field they are always willing to help fellow sportsmen and women learn new techniques and products to pursue their trophies.

As the year moves on and the snow starts to fly you will find them out on the local snowmobile trails of WNY.

Currently Kim and Jim are pro-staffing for Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents & Lures, Inc. and PBO TV. While pro-staffing for these companies Jim has conducted many seminars at local fishing clubs and outdoor shows. Kim and Jim are also active members of the Southtowns Walleye Association and Safari Club International.

In 2014 the Jim and Kim, started Ultimate Outdoors of WNY, to take their passions to a new level. Ultimate Outdoors of WNY is committed to offering and promoting products that have been proven over the years. The company also is always looking for gaming changing products to offer to their customers to change the way they enjoy the outdoors. They are excited to be representing and offering Kishel’s full line of products.

“Please remember to take a kid out hunting and fishing. They are our future sportsmen!”

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