Sludge Hammer


Time released formulation draws fish into area and stimulates feeding behaviors.
Nontoxic- biodegradable- organic compounds -safe to use in all types of waterways

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Directions: Toss out approximately 1oz of Sludge-Hammer for every 10 feet of water. Milking activation begins immediately as the weighted granules begin to sink to the bottom; vertically releasing Sludge-Hammer’s fish grabbing ingredients into the depths that fish live.

Once Sludge-Hammer is applied, they last up to 24 hours. Troll, Jig, Cast or drift over the area of Sludge-Hammer and watch the results. Now you can create your own fishing hot spot, without a mess! Also a great tool for ice fisherman.

Granule Chum-Fish attractant
-For fresh or salt water game fish-

Check with state and local game laws before using.

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