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Our Spartan Lumen is our most advanced non-cellular trail camera. Using a 75-degree wide-angle lens and dual strobe and Xenon LEDs, the Lumen will provide you with full-color photos/videos day or night. It can take up to 24MP images and 1080p full-color video. The camera is adaptable with workday and start/stop scheduling, front-facing LCD screen setup, and has a built-in metal pitch-angle mount for easy setup.

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Introducing the brand-new Spartan Lumen. The Lumen features an innovative combination of LED bulbs, strobe-flash, and a 75° wide-angle lens to capture amazing photos and videos. These videos feature amazing detail with reduced blurring compared to other nighttime photos thanks to our dual-flash system featuring both Xenon and LEDs. Additionally, the Lumen takes full-color photos and videos even at night, making identifying even individual animals from each other a breeze.

In addition to the robust flash system, Spartan knows that durability and useability are important to any outdoorsman. The Lumen is a rugged, palm-sized camera with a secure clasp, as well as a ring for a personal padlock, ensuring the camera is not easy to tamper with.

But everyone knows a camera’s setup is one of the most important elements for collecting accurate information. The Lumen features a built-in pitch-angle adjusting mount, so you no longer need to wedge sticks and twigs behind your camera to get the perfect angle on the tree. Additionally, it features a 2” LCD screen that faces forward so you can easily see where the camera is aiming, and what it will be taking photos of. We’re making sure you can take out the guesswork of aiming a trail camera with these two features.

While most scouting cameras on the market today use Infrared for night time illumination, this only provides black & white night-time images. With the Spartan Lumen, you can enjoy crystal clear color images thanks to the full-color LEDs and strobe flash. The Lumen packs two different types of flash together for superior illumination. The combination of nighttime videos & images and a wide-angle lens gives you the ultimate advantage for your scouting and hunting.


  • Powerful strobe flash makes for amazingly clear, full-color photos at night.
  • Full color LED flash allows for color night time videos.
  • The front-facing LCD screen allows customers to see what the camera sees during set up, even if the camera is mounted.
  • Workday and start/stop functionality make camera scheduling more flexible.
  • An extremely durable design with a built-in metal pitch-angle mount ensures the camera stays secure and sees what you want it to see.
  • Latch and padlock loop keep the camera from being tampered with by pests or thieves.
  • All the quality of Spartan Cameras in this traditional trail cam that takes up to 24MP images and 1080p full-color video

  • Non-Wireless Camera