Belly Buster


Consists of strong irresistible flavors and powerful aromatic enhancers.

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Jump Start Your Hunting Area.
Belly Buster consists of strong irresistible flavors and STRONG POWERFUL Aromatic Enhancers. This product reaches out and attracts deer from great distances.
Each batch is jam packed with the right combination of grains, which offer whitetail deer the needed fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. On the back side is a well balanced phosphorus and calcium content which helps promote healthy antler growth. Then we infused it with some of the finest aromatic enhancers known to man.
Don’t confuse this product with other food type feed attractants . Our Belly Buster is actually a lure. While we provide supplemental grains in its base make up- It’s still a whitetail attractant in it’s own category. It actually is a formatted plume of essential distillations which fills the air. and screams food to the whitetail. But the real secret behind this product is this! Once all the feed has been consumed by the deer, Belly Buster has been hard at work leaving behind aromas and oils with seeped into the ground. The soil is now saturated with our irresistible Aromatic enhancers creating a huge area of attraction for deer. . Here at Kishel’s innovation remains our #1 ingredient
A great choice to help start your mineral sites as well. Can also mix this product into your other feeds to increase their attraction. , Give it a try and see for yourself.
**Check with local and state game laws before using**

Check with local and state game laws before using.

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